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2018: Overview of my favourite photos of my Cichlids

I wanted to share my favourite photos of my own cichlids I shot this year.
Let’s start with my precious, my Vieja heterospila male. He’s nearly 6 years old, but he’s still going strong. Nowadays he is the VPOT (Vice President of the Tank), because he lost his place to the Vieja melanura male.

Vieja heterospila, male

The female heterospilas are always ready for a photo session

Vieja heterospila, female
Vieja heterospila, female
Vieja heterospila, female

The only cichlids with youngsters this year were the Vieja melanura as can be seen in my previous posts, here and here.

Vieja melanura “Rìo Grande de Chiapas” couple
Vieja melanura, female

This year I hope to see the Chuco microphthalmus spawn, unfortunately I lost my beautiful alpha male.

† Chuco micropthalmus, alpha male

In the following weeks I am planning to do two aquarium related product reviews, and I will share some more pictures of other cichlids!

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