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Guests from South America: Aequidens pallidus

Aequidens pallidus
Aequides pallidus, catching some light rays

Aequidens pallidus, also known as “Doublespot acara” were our guests for two months. The two fish stayed here, because the fish tank of a good friend was not ready yet. Since his aquarium is finished, the fish returned to him.
We hope to cover an article on his impressive new aquarium very soon.

Aequidens pallidus

Aequidens pallidus (Heckel, 1840)

The guests originate from South America. From the lower and middle Río Negro (an Amazon river tributary) to be precise. The Aequidens pallidus is a cousin of the popular ornamental fish Aequidens rivulatus, better known as “Green terror”.

According to Kullander and Ferreira (1990) A. pallidus has been collected mostly in running water, but this species also inhabits swamps and lakes, from lotic black to clear water. Reported food items of specimens from Río Negro were chiefly fish and detritus.

Aequidens pallidus grows to a maximum size of 20 cm (Stawikowski and Werner, 1998).

Below are some photos I took of the Aequidens pallidus.

Aequidens pallidus

Aequidens pallidus

Aequidens pallidus


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