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New fish added to the tank


A group of five young Chuco microphthalmus is added to the Central American tank. The fish are approximately 7-10 cm , but can grow up to a size of 25 cm (SL). 

More information about the aquarium decoration, technique and tank mates will follow soon.

Chuco microphthalmus (Günther, 1862)

The genus of  Chuco has three representatives; Chuco godmanni, Chuco microphthalmus and last but not least, Chuco intermedius.
All are long-bodied and rheophilic cichlids from Central America.

Sparring (young) males

Chuco microphthalmus is a cichlid from the fast flowing rivers of Guatemala and Honduras. This species lives in the Río Motagua and Río Copán.
Since these fish are adapted to well oxygenated, and less polluted waters, it is extremely important to simulate these factors in captivity, as the fish can be sensitive for high bacterial density and pollution.
Another important point of keeping this fish is to be scarce with offering food. The risk of “Malawi bloat” is present when they are fed too generous. In the fast flowing habitats there is no abundance of edible material, so be careful not to overfeed.

I will keep you updated of the development of this group.

The day of introduction

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